Invest in ACPA and transform the future of our profession!


The ACPA Foundation hosts today’s most knowledgeable and influential speakers at the Speaker Showcase during Convention. These speakers have generously volunteered to donate their talents to support ACPA and the Foundation. ACPA members, institutions and companies can bid to have these amazing speakers at their organization. Here’s how…

How It Works

Bid on our speakers at Convention to bring them to your campus and impact the lives of your students and staff.  If your campus or organization receives the winning bid, you will not only have an excellent speaker for your event, but you will also be supporting ACPA and professional development programs such as the Phyllis Mable New Professionals Institute. Please review the following information and guidelines below before making a committed bid.


The current list of speakers include the following:

  • Highly-regarded professionals in their field of expertise
  • Dedicated and prolific authors
  • National leaders in the profession
  • Researchers who are willing to speak on your campus or at a student or professional conference
  • Innovators speaking to today’s most pressing issues
  • Consultants who help organizations transform through coaching and planning

Typical compensation value for presentations or consultations vary, with services ranging anywhere from $2000 – $7000. In such, we are sure that you will be able to find an excellent speaker of your choice in a price range most beneficial for you!  More information, such as speaker bios and presentation topics can be found at 2017 Speaker Showcase.

Sponsored Speakers

Sponsored Speakers

Commissions, State/International Divisions, and Standing Committees are invited to collaborate with the Foundation to raise funds for individual leadership entities or for the ACPA Foundation. A “Sponsored Speaker” is invited to speak on a topic area of interest at the Speaker Showcase at Convention.

50% of the funds raised by the winning bid for the “Sponsored Speaker” will be shared with the sponsoring Commission/Committee/Division and 50% goes to the ACPA Foundation to support ACPA institutes, grants, scholarships, awards, and much more. Bidding is open to anyone, including the members of that Commission/Committee/Division from which the speaker is representing.

Bidding Time Period

Bidding occurs at the 2017 Columbus Convention, March 26-March 29, at the ACPA Foundation Table.

Minimum Starting Bid

A minimum bid starting at $1,250 with $250 bid increments. Winning bids are paid to ACPA Foundation via a mutually signed agreement between bidder and speaker.

Travel Expenses

In addition to the winning bid, a maximum of $500 is supplemented to the speaker to cover all reasonable and mutually agreed upon travel and lodging expenses. When budgeting for the bidding process, please consider this additional expense.

Winning Bids

Winning bidders and speakers will be notified immediately following the end of the Showcase time period (final day of Convention).


Letter of Agreement

A Letter of Agreement from the ACPA Foundation will be sent to the winning bidder and speaker following the end of the Showcase. From there, all contracting, logistical, and travel arrangements are directly established between those two parties.

One hour keynote or up to two hours of a workshop presentation on the same day. Additional time or breakout sessions may be negotiated between the Speaker and the campus. Consultation may also be offered with specific parameters on the duration and topic.

We encourage bidders to consider generating a strong audience through collaborations with other schools or professional associations to further diversify and expand the audience.

All speaking engagements/services are to be scheduled within 12 months of the Convention (by April 1, 2018) and payment made to the Foundation upon invoicing directly following the Convention (unless other arrangements are made in advance with the ACPA Foundation Treasurer.) Conversations about availability and scope of the services are encouraged between potential bidders and the speakers in advance of the Convention.

We are pleased that you are considering bidding on the Speaker Showcase and learning about the process. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Sandra Emerick at

Thank you, as always, for your support of ACPA and the ACPA Foundation!