Extend your legacy. Join the 1924 Circle.

The 1924 Circle (formerly the Heritage Society) is a planned giving program, and a component of the ACPA Foundation. Planned giving is a way to support ACPA beyond yearly programs and periodic fundraising campaigns. Through your own success and your investment in students and other higher education professionals, you have already established a legacy of excellence. You can continue to build this legacy after your lifetime of service through a charitable bequest or planned gift to ACPA. The gift can be a modest amount. It’s easy and flexible.  

Perhaps you are interested in helping the work of ACPA, but are concerned about giving up assets today. Planned giving is a viable option to continue your commitment to the next generation of students and professionals.

How do I join the 1924 Circle?

To join simply make a planned gift to the 1924 Circle. Planned gifts are typically made through a bequest, as explained below:

  • Bequests: A gift through a will, living trust, or through beneficiary designee of a life insurance policy, IRA, pension plan, 401(k), or 403(b)
  • A bequest is a gift to the ACPA Foundation at the time of a donor’s death, generally through a provision in a will or living trust. You can make a gift of cash, securities, or other property through a will, codicil, or trust. You can also designate the ACPA Foundation as a beneficiary of life insurance policies and a variety of retirement plans.
  • What to consider when making a bequest: Bequests are not irrevocable; they may be revoked or changed at any point during your lifetime.
  • Bequests can be designated for specific initiatives, entity groups, or programs. Given that bequests are often not fulfilled for many years, the structure of groups may change. Any significant restrictions placed on gifts should be carefully considered to ensure the ACPA Foundation has flexibility with the bequest in case programs change over time.

Planned Giving

Why Make a Planned Gift to ACPA? For nearly 100 years, ACPA has supported innovative professional development, social justice advocacy, and leadership for those who educate college students. Today, ACPA continues its innovation through its racial justice imperative, cutting-edge online and in-person education about contemporary challenges, research and scholarship, and intentional advocacy for educators and students alike.

Some Common Ways to Make a Planned Gift:

Benefits of Being a Member

  • Membership in the ACPA 1924 Circle (unless you choose to remain anonymous)
  • Costs nothing now
  • Option to modify your bequest if your circumstances change
  • Invitations to special events for Society members
  • Acknowledgement in ACPA publications
  • Special updates about the activities and work of the Association
  • Inclusion of your name on the Heritage Society plaque at the International Office

Members of the 1924 Circle

  • Dr. William Bryan
  • Dr. Deb Hamilton
  • Dr. Jeanne Hart-Steffes
  • Dr. Cynthia Johnson (deceased)
  • Dr. George Kuh
  • Heidi Levine
  • Dr. Cynthia Love
  • Dr. Leila Moore
  • Mr. Daniel R. Morrison
  • Dr. John A. Mueller
  • Dr. Carmen Neuberger (deceased)
  • Dr. Jean Paratore
  • Dr. Sue Saunders
  • Dr. Dwayne Todd