Annual Application Deadline: July 1st


The ACPA Foundation is the fundraising organization for ACPA–College Student Educators International. The Foundation seeks philanthropic support for ACPA initiatives involving research and scholarship, professional development, and leadership programs for student affairs professionals in higher education.

This year, the Foundation will award $10,000 in response to research proposals that enhance the student affairs profession and disseminate knowledge about college students.

Funding eligibility is limited to ACPA members who are conducting research that is consistent with the purposes and interests of ACPA: to enhance the student affairs profession and disseminate knowledge about college students.

The Foundation encourages applicants who are more established scholars to co-author projects with junior scholars and practitioners as a way to support their professional development and scholarly growth.

At each annual convention, the ACPA Foundation provides the previous year’s grant recipients the opportunity to present their research in a Foundation-sponsored program slot. Grant recipients may choose to submit proposals to the annual convention’s peer review process or to participate in the Foundation’s Research Grant Symposium. Recipients will be contacted in the fall following the conclusion of their grant year to determine their interest in this session.

Award Amount

The annually-awarded research grants usually range from $500 to $2,500 for one-year projects. Multi-year grants can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Research grants may be used to fund such items as graduate student support, travel for data collection, transcription services, software for data analysis, supplies, postage, and printing.  The Foundation does not provide funding for travel to conferences to present/disseminate research findings.  The Foundation reserves the right to award less than the requested amount, based on availability of funds.

If you have any questions, please contact the coordinators of the ACPA Foundation Research Grants Program:

Proposal Submissions

Proposals should be submitted via the online form. The proposal must include the following information:

  • Project Title
  • Project Director name, institution, address, phone, and email
  • Project Director’s CV or Resumé (uploaded file)
  • Project Description
    • Purpose and Goals of Project/Research (Max 400 words)
    • Significance of Project/Research (Max 400 words)
    • Supporting Literature and Theoretical/Conceptual Framework, if Applicable (Max 400 words)
    • Methodology and Methods (Max 400 words)
    • Relationship of the project to the interests of ACPA Foundation (Max 400 words)
    • Project Timeline
    • Detailed Budget

Evaluation Criteria

Research proposals will be evaluated based on the importance and usefulness of the topic to student affairs professionals and the strength of the research methodology. The specific evaluation criteria include:

  • Purpose and goals of project/research
  • Significance of project/research
  • Supporting literature and theoretical/conceptual framework, if applicable
  • Appropriate methodology and methods
  • Degree project supports and relates to mission & goals of ACPA and foundation
  • Clearly outlined budget & financial need
  • Background and experience of applicant