The ACPA Foundation exists to provide philanthropic support for the initiatives of ACPA College Student Educators International that generate and disseminate research and scholarship about college students and further the professional development of student affairs and student service professionals.

We embody this mission through funding important programs like:

  • NextGen, preparing current students for future careers in student affairs
  • Dissertation of the Year Award, honoring exemplary research by an emerging scholar
  • Digital Access Pass, providing an affordable and accessible option to ACPA’s annual convention
  • Research Grants Program, supporting innovative research to further our understanding of college students’ learning and development
  • And many more vital programs and initiatives that support the profession


The ACPA Educational Leadership Foundation was founded in 1994 as a 501c3 non-profit corporation during the presidency of Charles Schroeder.  The organization is now known as the ACPA Foundation to more concisely communicate its role in providing philanthropic support for ACPA College Student Educators International.