2023 Recipients

“I know I can do it”: The Wisdom Shared by Afro-Caribbean International Women Pursuing Degrees at SUNY Universities
Allante Moon

Dismantling Deficit Narratives: A Critical Reconceptualization of Advising Black and Latinx Students in Education Abroad
Neal McKinney

Drag Artistry on College Campus(es)
Gabriel Pulido

Examining the Influencers and Impact of Ethnic-Racial Identity Development for Black and Latine Students
Stephanie Cuellar

Exploring HESA Practitioner-Adjuncts as Academic Planners and Teachers
Graham F. Hunter

Imagining Life After Sport: Black Women College Athlete Postgraduate Career Transitions
Briana Savage

LGBTQ+ Students’ Civic Engagement on Campus: Intersections and Possibilities for Student Identity and Democratic Outcomes
Max Schuster

Sense of belonging of South Asian American students at historically women’s colleges
Neeraja Panchapakesan & Georgianna Martin

Transitional Experiences and Persistence of Formerly Incarcerated Students in Four-Year Institutions
Jude Paul Dizon

2022 Recipients

A Narrative Exploration of Polysexual Christian Student Identity
Kaity Prieto

Black But Also Undocumented/DACAmented: Examining Anti-Blackness in Higher Education
Kayon A. Hall

Generation C(OVID) Heads to College: Examining Young People’s Resilience and Coping as They Transition
Jody Jessup-Anger, Gabriel Velez, and Erin Hoekstra

Interrogating Racialization and Whiteness in College Student Leadership Education Efforts
Lauren Irwin

Layered Transitions: First-Generation College Seniors from Immigrant Families
Blake R. Silver, Tharuna Kalaivanan, and Fanni Farago

The Cultural Experiences of Rural, Poor and Working-Class Students at Wyoming Community Colleges and Technical Institutions
Ty McNamee, Sonja Ardoin, and Misti Jeffers

The Future of Higher Education and Student Affairs: An Exploration of BIPOC Graduate Students’ Expectations for Working Conditions
Gudrun Nyunt and Quortne Hutchings

2021 Recipients

Partnering with Student Life to Design an Online Harassment Intervention Program at an HBCU
Virginia Byrne and Juana Hollingsworth

So, What Happens Now? The Career Preparation and Post-Graduation Experiences of Collegians who are Undocu/DACAmented
Stephen Santa-Ramirez

Coping through Covid-19 and Racism: Experiences of Campus Staff
Katherine Cho and Lauren Brassfield

Global Learning Without Borders: An Investigation into how Domestic and International Learning Opportunities Contribute to Students’ Global Perspective Development
Natalie Cruz and Melissa Whatley

Disabled College Survivors of Sexual Assault’s perspectives on Organizational responses to their Sexual Assault
Val Erwin and Ellen Broido


2020 Recipients

Pomp and Circumstance: Exploring Self-Love for Black Students Transitioning Out of the Educational Context
Wilson Okello

Why Can’t You Just Say “Black People”? Stories of Anti-Blackness Rhetoric in Campus Statements as Experienced by Black Student Affairs Professionals
Kaleb L. Briscoe and Evangela Oates

The Cultural Transition Into and Navigation of Higher Education for Rural Students from Poor and Working Class Backgrounds
Ty McNamee

Assessment of Religious, Secular, and Spiritual Identity and Affiliation on Educational Outcomes in the Wake of COVID-19
Jenny L. Small, Sachi Edwards, and J. Cody Nielsen

Navigating the Tensions of Free Speech on Campus: A Grounded Theory
Matt Van Jura


2019 Recipients

Enhancing Foster Youth Pathways in Higher Education: A Case Study of the Foster Youth Success Center
Mauriell Amechi 

The Lived Experiences of Community College Students of Color Navigating the Study Abroad Application Process
Nicole Barone 

Working-class, first-generation, low-income, or another option D? Understanding how students from marginalized social class backgrounds identify and define their status
Genia M. Bettencourt

Integrating Intercultural Learning: The Winding Path After Short-Term Study Abroad
Gudrun Nyunt

Investigating Women’s Engineering Identity and Advancement through the Internship Experience
Katie Smith


2018 Recipients:

Minoritized Sexual and Gender Identities in STEM: An Exploratory Qualitative Analysis of Learning Environments at Three Campuses
Annemarie Vaccaro, Ryan Miller, and Ezekiel Kimball

Understanding the Engagement of Students with Disabilities along Multiple Aspects of Identity and Institutional Contexts
John Zilvinskis and Deborah Taub

A Phenomenological Study of the Socialization Experience of Mid-level Managers in Student Affairs
Krystyne Savarese

SSAO Perspectives on Professional Preparation
Sonja Ardoin, Rebecca Crandall, and Jeremiah Shinn

Mapping Queer OU: Visualizing (Un)Affirming Campus Environments
T.J. Jourian and Grace Wojcik

A Multicase Analysis of Racial Climates in Campus Residential Environments
Zak Foste


2017 Recipients:

Cross-Class interaction and Social Class Expectations in the Transition to College
Jessica Belue Buckley

A Change is Gonna Come: Muslim Students Navigating College in the 21st Century
Nina Daoud

Do Ask, Do Tell: Exploring LGBT Student Veterans’ Ecological Systems
Jodi L. Linley, Amanda Mollet

Exploring (Multi) Racial Literacy Among College Students: Toward A Grounded Theory
Marc Johnston-Guerro

A Narrative Analysis of the Experience of Emerging Professionals with Disabilities
Sarah E. Schoper, Amy E. French

The Mind of a Black College Man: Exploring the Relationship between Manhood, Mindset, and Academic Achievement among Black Male Undergraduate Students
Christopher S. Travers