Generous donations to the ACPA Foundation – from over 10,000 individuals and corporations – help advance the research, scholarship, and professional development that ACPA provides the higher education, student affairs and student services community.  ACPA seeks to embolden professionals to lead socially just lives and bring that focus to their professional roles, for the benefit of the students we serve.

Donations to the ACPA Foundation may be for general support of these efforts or directed to specific priorities and activities including:

Extraordinary Generation and Dissemination of Knowledge

Dr. Patty Perillo Headshot

“As a scholar practitioner, and one committed to yielding more, I give to ACPA because it produces the best scholarship and research in our profession.  I believe every student affairs educator should be a member of ACPA simply to have access to the extraordinary generation and dissemination of knowledge offered. And, ACPA has been leading the work of social justice since its conception and it is in its foundation to continue to lead the way.” – Dr. Patty Perillo, Vice President for Student Affairs, Virginia Tech