A Community of Colleagues

Danielle Morgan Acosta Headshot

ACPA has given me so much – a community of colleagues, cutting-edge knowledge that I’ve brought back to my campuses to facilitate change to better support students, a life-long network filled with opportunities for growth and development. I am invested and give to the ACPA Foundation to ensure that others can be transformed by the research, scholarship, and professional and career development that continues to make me a student-centered, justice-driven, higher education practitioner and scholar!

Danielle Morgan Acosta, Director of Student Affairs, Florida State Student Government Association

My Professional Home

Deborah Liddell Headshot

“ACPA has long been my professional home, and has supported cutting-edge research and scholarly practice along the way. I proudly support the Foundation’s work through Diamond Honoree, research grants, and the McEwen Dissertation of the Year award – these are sustainable ways to ensure that our profession’s scholarship is advanced and supported.”

Dr. Debora Liddell, Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs, University of Iowa

Continually Innovative

Amanda Carlton Headshot

I give because ACPA is my professional home, and has been since I entered the profession over a decade ago. Through ACPA’s professional development and volunteer opportunities, I know that my practice will be continually innovative and enhanced by the knowledge and skills I gain from a robust network of colleagues, scholars, and practitioners that span the higher education profession. 

Amanda Carlton, Director, Center for Student Engagement, Georgetown University

Supporting and Fostering Student Learning

Gavin Henning Headshot

I give to help build the knowledge base of the field and provide professional development so that we all can do the best job we can supporting and fostering student learning and development. 

Dr. Gavin Henning, Professor of Higher Education, New England College

In Memory of Past Leaders

Sue Sanders Headshot Photo

I invest in ACPA because… I want to honor the memory of past leaders and support the social justice intents of current ACPA members. ~Sue Sanders, ACPA Foundation Trustee

Bright, Dedicated, and Inspiring

John Mueller

I Invest in ACPA because“….it has been the foundation of my professional development for more than three decades. In ACPA I have found bright, dedicated, and inspiring colleagues who have advanced my professional life and enriched me personally.”  ~ John A. Mueller, Professor, Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Enhancing the Student Affairs Profession

Dr. William Gregory Sawyer

“The reason why I contribute to ACPA is because I believe and support the organization’s mission and core values. ACPA has remained true to its purpose of enhancing the student affairs profession and provides opportunities for students of the profession to engage with faculty and student affairs educators at all levels. Giving allows our discipline to continue to move the needle forward for advancing the field of student affairs.”

~Dr. Wm. Gregory Sawyer, Vice President for Student Affairs, California State University-Channel Islands

Changemaker…Making Lives Better

Jason Cottrell Headshot

ACPA is a changemaker, a disrupter, an organization dedicated to making the lives of those around the world better. ACPA does this by being an influencer whose members are concerned about the educational experiences of those who pursue learning to better themselves. ACPA’s dedication to social justice, with evidence in the Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization, is critical in a world that too often is dominated by power and privilege – known and unknown, recognized and unrecognized. ACPA has provided opportunities for critical reflection, growth, and learning through experiences such as Next Gen, Higher Ed Live, ACPA Video on Demand, the Institute for Aspiring Senior Student Affairs Officers, the Residential Curriculum Institute, MMI, the annual convention, and many others. ACPA has opportunities to engage with colleagues and students around the world 365 days a year. For over 90 years, ACPA has been a changemaker! And, for this, I give to ACPA!

~ Jason Cottrell, Ph.D.  Research Analyst, US Department of Education

ACPA – Critical Catalyst for Change

Cindi Love Headshot

I invest in ACPA because… our witness and commitment are centered on the full realization of human dignity for each student. We do not shy away from the most contested and complex challenges to student success. We are a crucible of conviction refined by rigorous research and practice, a critical catalyst for change in 21st Century higher education.

Cynthia H. Love, Executive Director, Out for Undergrad (O4U)

Paying It Back

Bill Bryan Headshot

I invest in ACPA because… it offered me over the years (1961-1998) what I needed as a maturing professional. My bequest to the Foundation is my way of repaying ACPA for all that I have gained; I realize I will never be able to do this.

William A. Bryan, Retired Professor Emeritus, Watson School of Education, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Cultivate My Voice at a National Level

Jonathan Poullard Headshot

ACPA has been and continues to be my professional home for more than 30 years. The association helped me cultivate my voice at a national level and has provided me with countless opportunities to learn, grow, share, mentor and be mentored. For these reasons, and too many more to name I am a proud giver to the Foundation! 

~ Jonathan Poullard, President, The Equity Consulting Group

Estate Planning Ease

Dan Morrison

I Invest in ACPA because“…giving back to the organization, and profession, which gave me so much is important. I became a Heritage Society member when I realized how simple it was to add ACPA to my estate planning, and the impact of my gift could be so great.”  ~Daniel R. Morrison, Executive Director of Residence Life, Rutgers University